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Here you will see some questions we are regularly asked about wedding filming. However, if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to answer it for you.

EQ: What area do you cover?

A: We are a Worcestershire based company but we are happy to travel almost anywhere, even abroad. We regularly film weddings in the surrounding counties including Wales Scotland and the EU. There may be some travel costs incurred for longer distances. Please contact us for a quote.

Q: Will my Wedding film be in widescreen?

A: Yes. All our films will be shot in full HD/4k and widescreen. Our professional cameras allow 'true 16:9 format' to be shot. The majority of wedding video companies use semi-professional cameras which are unable to shoot 'true' high definition or 4K (sometimes known as HDV) or even widescreen. Also there are many wedding photographers that try to shoot wedding films using their DSLR cameras. These cameras are designed to take great stills photographs and are only capable of shooting short sequences, usually a maximum of 30 minutes; not much use in a church ceremony! Our equipment is designed for the job!

Q: When do I have to pay?

A: Following payment of the booking fee, balance of fees due are to be paid not less than 28 days prior to the wedding. Payment for any additional copies are due when they are ordered.

Q: Do you use any lighting?

A: On the day it is impractical and off-putting for guests to have lighting equipment placed around, as well as being unsafe during such a busy day. However, lighting may be suggested in exceptional circumstances. Our camera are broadcast quality and work very well in low light.

Q: Do you use wireless microphones

A: We use professional sound recording equipment including the highest quality unobtrusive wireless microphones on all packages. Tie microphones are used on the Groom during the ceremony and each person has a tie microphone during the speeches.

Q: How far do I need to book in advance?

A: This all depends on the time of year your wedding is due to be held. To avoid disappointment anything up to a year is recommended but please do not hesitate to ask, even if it is to be held in the next few weeks, because you never know!

Q: When will I receive my finished wedding film?

A: We aim to finish and deliver all films within 8 weeks of your wedding day, although delivery times may be affected during the busiest periods of the year. We will endeavour to keep you informed of when to expect your finished film. Delivery of the completed wedding film can take up to 12 week in peak periods such as June, July, August & September.

Q: Is it possible to order more copies of my wedding film?

A: Yes. You can always order more copies of your Wedding film. If you have relatives and friends who live in other countries we can also supply your Wedding film in other TV formats such as NTSC or SECAM.

Q: Am I expected to feed the camera crew?

A: No. Our crew will bring their own food and drinks but food is always welcome.

Q: Can I choose my own music?

A: Of course! This is one the most important elements towards making your wedding film unique for you and your partner. We ask that you provide the names of a few songs that are special to you. We will then edit them into the wedding film at the appropriate points.

Q: Will I have to contact you leading up to the wedding day?

A: You will have enough arrangements to deal with without having to chase the camera crew as well. So we make it our job to contact you in advance of your special day.

Q: Can I have guest messages included in my film?

A: Yes but only on certain coverage and you must request this when booking.

Q: How do I know if the venue will be ok to have a camera crew?

A: It will be up to you to make sure that the venue is ok for our camera crew to work there, although we will be more than happy to take into consideration any requirements that they may have, as well as talk them through what we will be doing and how we intend to film the day. It is important that you obtain permission for us to film in such places as churches and registry offices. Ant fees charged by a venue such as a church are your responsibility.

Q: How will the camera operator be dressed?

A: The camera operators will always be smartly dressed in subdued clothes so that we are recognisable as the camera crew, but at the same time blending in with your guests!

Q: How long will the wedding film be?

A: There will be no exact time on any film, but we know that if the wedding film is too long the quality of material will suffer and ultimately lose the viewer's interest. So we aim for every film to be approximately 90 minutes long but this depends on the size of the wedding and the package you purchased.

Q: I have an idea that I would like to possibly use in my wedding film?

A: We welcome your ideas. Even if you feel your idea my be a bit 'wacky' please still come to us with it because with our expertise we will be able to work out if it is possible and if so how to make it happen.

Q: Do you have insurance cover?

A: Yes, unlike a lot of wedding filming service providers we carry full indemnity and public liability insurance. We will be happy to show you proof of cover before you book. Never book any service providers that can not show proof of insurance as some liability can be put on to you if things go wrong!

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